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I fell in love with audio design and engineering when I joined my high school theater club. Soundscapes and effects bring the atmosphere of the playwright's world to life. The subtle art of audio design allows storytellers to engage with their audience in way similar to oral traditions once did. In college, I have learned how to design audio tracks into different experiences, from art installations to video games, and understand that the media I create will have greater effects than just what I intended. 

My goal is to translate the experiences of artifacts and people through immersive museum exhibits. Museums hold the world's history, but they also have their own communities to engage with and learn form. I have worked with cultural institutions to help build their community and audience relationships through user testing and iterative design processes. These processes allow me to understand how audiences receive my work, translate their experience, and react. In order to improve my design and communication, it is imperative to design with my audience from the start.

Storytelling brings together individuals and engages them with immersive worlds, whether that's through bedtime stories, museum exhibitions, movies, or video games. I currently study at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where I major in Interactive Media and Game Development Writing where I have concentrated in multi media communication design.


LinkedIn: Hannah Goodsell

Twitter: WooMiniMuseum

Instagram: @inkblot_and_coffee

About Me: About Me
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